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Kayla started their fine arts career as a young musician and vocalist. They also found their place on the stage. Like many young thespians, Kayla volunteered in all aspects of theater, which is how their love of sound design began. While at Bradley University, they was hired as a technician with BU Tech Crew, an organization that provides lighting and sound services for on campus events. Kayla’s ability to work with local artists on small projects, as well as, large touring bands like Bastille, Macklemore, Nick Jonas, and many others is, why they got promoted in their first year to event logistics manager.

Kayla graduated with a B.S. in Music Business and spent a summer at Walt Disney World as a Technical Intern. They are currently a third year M.F.A studying Sound Designer at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. 

Jon Turner

QC Online


“It begins even before the curtains part, as shimmering blue lights across the front of the theater and burbling sounds conjure the undersea environment. This Little Mermaid is a tasty, satisfying treat from start to finish -- complete with tap-dancing seagulls, mesmerizing floating effects and a sumptuous wedding.”

Bob Williams

QCMG Staff


“I wanted to tell you how grateful I am you're designing sound for our show. It was so nice to listen to Little Mermaid... when you run sound, I always can hear everything well-balanced, and it still sounds so natural.”

Mike Schulz 

River Cities' Reader


“...delivering a sound so full you'd never dream there were only eight musicians in the pit.”

Sean Leary 

Quad City Times


“...the music production is terrific, bringing home memorable melodies of such favorites as The Rum Tug Tugger, Magical Mister Mistoffelees and, of  course, Memory..”

Brent Tubbs

River Cities' Readers

“...the pit orchestra, at one point, stopped playing the song but the cast continued to sing, and the hairs on my arms stood straight up from the wonderful wall of sound...created.

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